Company profile and background

AMNT (Advanced Mobile Network Technology Group)

has been established in 2019 by a group of highly experienced people working in the field of security, radio communication and broadband solutions.

AMTN Groups is formed with the vision to provide the end-users with the most modern, comprehensive, innovative and advanced Radio and Broadband network solutions. Hence AMNT Group works with World Class suppliers within the areas of concern ranging from Radio network solutions, IT and Broadband, Applications, Gateways, Devices and services.
Many radio and IT companies are specialized in a specific area such as classical radio network design, application development or box moving but it is always a huge challenge to find a qualified company who has the expertise to integrate these elements to produce a complete system.
In AMNT, we have a legacy of designing and building complete network solutions for both mission-and business critical costumers including but not limited to comprehensive command and control Centre’s for diverse industries such as Oil and Gas, Utilities, Transportation and selected Public Safety clients.
Even, when your respected organization is facing specific requirements with a system solution, which has special or customized devices or applications, AMNT is able to re-design and integrate the mentioned components (HW and SW wise) into a Turnkey solution or integrating an entire system into a wider context, whatever your system integration requirements.
Hence, we at AMNT Group always strive to combine our Know-How and Application knowledge with modern technologies within the wireless and broadband domain to create tangible solutions serving the exact requirements and needs your organization or end-users are requesting.
Solutions and Services
AMNTs core expertise is focused around provision of innovative, cost effective and robust PMR and broadband network solutions.
Hence, our objective is always to combine the best of technologies in order to meet our client’s requirements. In the below mentioned you we respectfully outline our core competencies in terms of analysis, evaluation and implementation of projects e.g. Turnkey solutions;
• Consultancy (From design to implementation)
• Site survey
• Radio coverage
• Design network solutions (PMR and Broadband)
• Technical proposal
• System Integration
• Project Management
• Detailed project, phase planning and execution
• Installation and commissioning
• Site Acceptance (SAT) and handover
• After Sales Services and maintenance